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Now is not the time to just hunker down!

Hello, everybody, welcome back, hey, it is quarter past noon. And that means it’s time for today’s live stream the soliloquy from a very secluded soapbox, and yes, it’s now three weeks under lockdown here. And I’m, I’m relatively sane, so something must be working. Now in serious I have to take my hat off and salute everybody here in Spain. People are taking things very seriously they’re being very conscious of not of really maintaining that distance and not going out. Sure at the fact that you can get big fines and the police are patrolling the streets probably has something to do with that. But, you know, there is a sense of civic civic sense here that I think is worthy of being commanded.

So yeah, it’s crazy times. It really But today, we’re going to talk about a business strategy. And we’re going to talk about why now is the time to not just hunker down. Okay? And here’s the deal. I understand as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, I, I’m feeling the same pain you are, I’m worried about continuity, I’m worried about, you know, will you know, is our cash flow situation stable? Do we have the reserves that we need? Do we, you know, can we get access to the capital to actually, you know, deliver on our promises and and build the projects and do the things that we want to do? And, you know, I feel that pain that you have, and I’ve been talking to a lot of company owners and CEOs these days and and by the way, if you want to have a conversation, send me a message and we’ll talk about your business and we’ll talk about you know, how, how your front fronting this this crazy time, but I want to talk about today because, you know, the goal can’t just be crawling under your desk and hoping the ceiling doesn’t fall on you. Okay? I really want to make you guys think that the goal has to be coming out on top. Okay. I was talking today with with a business owner in India and you know, he’s got 7080 people working for him. You know? Okay, they’ve got you know, they’ve got a solid losing here.

Okay, I think I’m back. Okay, let me see. All right. I’ve may have blinked out for a minute there. But did okay. Anyway, I was talking to business owner in India today. And we were talking just about this that it’s really easy right now for people to just get scared and not do anything. And that’s not a word. strategy, you’ve got to, you’ve got to come out on top, you’ve got to plan this so that not only do you come out of this situation which is equals to survive, okay? And yes, that is a big part of what you’ve got to do. But you have to come out on top and that means coming out and being ahead of your competition, that means coming out, I don’t think that you can necessarily think that you’re going to come out stronger, okay, this is tough, this is gonna, this is gonna be a, you know, this is gonna hurt, you’re going to lose some money these, these months, it’s not going to be easy, but you have to think about at least coming out better off than the rest of your competition and being just enough ahead that you’re going to be well positioned for the future. So yes, survival is really important business resilience. Okay, and we’ve talked about that we’ve had a live stream just about that. I walked you through our checklist. So if you want That we built a business resilience checklist, please, you know, leave me a comment below and I’ll get a copy to you for free. No, no worries. But that will get you just so far that is designed to help you survive. But we’ve got to come out on top because, look, the world is not going to go back to normal.

Alright, we let’s just face that there isn’t this isn’t going to just stop and it’s going to be back to business as usual. This is a an inflection point for all of us, okay? This is going to be we’re digging ourselves into a hole that is going to take time and effort to get out of and things are going to change people’s attitudes are going to change. You know, the the way we do business is going to be different. What people want and need after this is over is going to be different. Okay? So you can’t just be an entrepreneur, now is the time to be a smart entrepreneur. Okay, now is the time that you really have to be on your game. Okay? And that’s why conversations are important with other entrepreneurs, I don’t know about you. It’s it, you have to be careful about who you talk business with as well. Because it’s not the same when you’re talking to a business owner as when you’re talking to an employee, okay? It’s a different mindset. Okay. So, you know, these conversations are important because we need to be at the top of our game. Okay, we have we’re essential to the survival of society. Okay, that is a me repeat that we as entrepreneurs are essential to the survival of society. And it is the time for us not to just be scared and we are scared, obviously, that’s normal. But we have to be smart and we have to be preparing so that when we can start hitting home runs we do.

Okay. And so today I want to talk to you just about some of the reasons and the things that you need to be thinking about doing. And the first thing is I want to ask you, how are you changing your message? Okay, this was one of the things I had in that conversation today. You can’t be doing telling the same story you were telling three weeks ago. And if you are, you are not being a smart entrepreneur, because the conversation has changed, the world has changed. And if you’re not figuring out how to change your story, then you’re gonna lose, okay? Because the same old same old isn’t gonna work. Okay. And so, you know, let’s think about that a little bit more. Put yourself in the position of those clients of your actual clients, the ones who have now the ones you have in your pipeline, and the ones that You’re going to have when this all blows over, and really start thinking about how things are going to be different. Okay? And then start building the system and the funnels and the and the messaging so that it appeals to those needs, the new ones, the real ones that we have to deal with right now. So are you anticipating the needs of your market? Are you actually ahead of the wave? Or are you waiting for it to crash over your head, and then start paddling? Okay, that’s not a smart entrepreneur.

The Smart entrepreneur is on the surfboard, paddling furiously as the this monstrous wave comes so that you can write it at the top in the middle at the bottom. It doesn’t matter where exactly on that wave you are, but you’re riding the wave, you’re not getting washed away, and you’re not waiting to see what happens afterwards. Okay. You are anticipating the market So, with that in mind, let’s talk about what you should be stopping right now. Okay? Because I started off, you shouldn’t just be hunkering down. But that doesn’t mean you should just business as usual. It doesn’t mean you know, get out the checkbook and start spending more. Okay? Not necessarily. It means being smart about it. So, first thing you should do, you should be stopping all your old ad campaigns, okay? Because they’re not going to work. Okay, they’re not going to have the same. They’re not going to be adapted to the reality of the market. So stop them. But that doesn’t mean stop advertising, okay? But it means don’t keep doing what you were doing and hoping that it’s just gonna keep going. Maybe it is. Maybe you’re still getting leads. Maybe you’re still making sales, but it’s not enough. Okay. So really look at your creatives. Look at the funnel. You know, analyze it. with new eyes, okay? And if you don’t feel comfortable about it because you don’t you’re like but what should I be thinking? What are the facts? Give me a message call get on my calendar. Okay, send me a message put a comment in this video.

We’ll have a talk about it just a 10 minute talk no nothing to buy nothing to sell. Just talking about your messaging and where how you could should be adapting it right now. That is a free offer for anybody listening to this video right now. Okay, I don’t care if there’s 1000 comments here on this video. And 1000 people want 15 minutes. get them done it I don’t know when I don’t know how, you know, but we’ll figure it out. Okay. Stop anything that anyone sold you. That was about brand awareness. Okay. Unless you’re Nike or Coca Cola, okay, and you’re probably not watching this video if you are. brand awareness equals throwing money out there. door right now. Okay, don’t don’t do it. No, this stop your goal right now not is not to build a brand. No, your goal is to adapt and clarify your messaging for the market so that you can better serve the market. Okay? And that’s done through sales. Okay? Stop anything you can’t measure and track. Okay? If it is that because that’s probably brand awareness I’m sorry, I’m not a for 90% of the businesses out there the real ones in the real world. They don’t need to be building brands, they need to be building authority, they need to be making sales, okay? That’s what your marketing should be doing. Okay. Stop anything physical. Obviously, you’re not going anywhere. Well, stop thinking about trade shows. Stop thinking about you know, client lunches.

You know all that forget about it, obviously. But What should you be ramping up? Okay, you need to be ramping up very, very clear offers, okay? You really need to analyze your offers right now. Okay? things that were perfectly acceptable three weeks ago won’t sell now. So you need to really pare it down, look at it carefully. Think about bundling services and products think about adapting what you’re offering and always think about the language Okay, people right now are are running, they’re firing on their reptilian brains even more than always. And that’s always that’s that’s always the most powerful brain is the reptilian brain but even more now, and that means you’ve got to make your offers crystal clear, use very simple language, make it very clear about why it’s in their best interest, what it’s solving for them, how it is going to improve their very scary situation right now. Okay, and frame the language that you use in reptilian messaging, okay, talk to that reality. Okay? Don’t be coy Don’t be. Well, the most rational, rational ROI that I can promise, that’s all bullshit, okay? I’m sorry, pardon my French, pardon me, if you’re French. You need to be framing your marketing and your messaging in reptilian terms for your audience, why it’s really necessary for them to be working with you. Okay? And you’ve got to figure that out.

Okay? And you need to ramp that up right now. That doesn’t mean you need to be fear mongering, okay? It means you need to be talking to the real needs, okay? Because that’s what you’re going to help them with. You’ve got to help your clients with their real needs. You don’t want to help them with fluff, right? That’s not good for anybody. So help them with their real needs. Okay, you need to be ramping up content. That leads to sales. Okay? Do not go down the road of Oh, I’m just going to give away a lot of free value. That’s the people that’s that’s for, for silly marketers, okay? content, make it great content, make it fun, make it engaging, make it powerful, but make it sell. Okay? Remember you’re you’re doing your your clients, you’re doing your audience a favor by selling them your products and services and make them understand that and make sure that you ramp up content that sales people are consuming content like crazy right now. They are watching videos, they are reading blog posts, they are reading their emails, obsessively. They are on social media, okay, that’s we’re stuck at home. Okay, it’s either that or pet the dog and they’re doing that at the same time. They’re petting the dog.

So, why aren’t you going to be creating content for them? Okay? I mean, sure you let Netflix do it? Well, Netflix will make the money, right? So ramp up content, ramp up your email marketing. This is so important. Do not worry about burning your list of damage. If there’s ever a time in the history of humanity when it’s a good time to burn your list, it’s now now do it wisely. Do it smart. Do it creatively do make your emails interesting, fun engaging, make people want to read them but don’t worry if they unsubscribe, that’s okay. All right. That’s fine. Make it possible make it easy for them and say goodbye. You know, hey, if they don’t like the emails, then they should leave. Okay your list, but use it use it frequently. often don’t worry about that is one of the most powerful channels you have. Okay, and most companies are not using it. So do it. Do it today. Start today at mail your list every day. Okay? And when you get used to uncomfortable bailing them every day, mail them twice a day, okay? Don’t worry about it. It’s okay. Make the emails. Great. Okay. And if you don’t know how to do that, once again, give us a message me. Okay. We’ll sit down, we’ll have a conversation about your email list your email marketing, and we will come up with a way to give your emails a voice that will appeal to your audience, okay, and that you can mail frequently, and you can mail them shamelessly with with offers, okay, and lead them to the sale. That’s great. It’s good for them. Okay, remember, you’re not helping anybody if they’re not buying from you, right? That’s what you said. So make it easy to help them.

Okay. Um, so that is that you know that the overarching strategy here is it is time for you to do the hard work and make your marketing work and function. Okay? And your business, okay? This is what will help you come out on top when this is over, okay? And it’s not that you can’t do it in a day you’re going to have to do every day. But hey, you got some hours, right? You’re sitting there on a couch, right? Or you’re sitting at your desk, whatever it is, you’re on lockdown, you’re probably not, you know, you’re not as active as you were. So take advantage of this time and make it work to your benefit. Don’t be only scared, you can be scared, it’s okay. It’s scary times, okay? But don’t be only scared. Don’t be only hunkering down. Okay, hunker down a little bit and work your ass off another little bit, and you’ll go up, okay, and you’ll come out of this on top because we need as entrepreneurs to come out on top, we need to be there. Because society is going to need us to get the pieces, pick up the pieces and make this work again. So that’s my talk for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Please hit the like button, hit the leave me a comment. Remember, if you want to talk about your messaging and how it needs to be changing today, get on my calendar, send me a message, leave me a comment and I will get you get you the link and you can get on my calendar and we’ll talk. Remember nothing, no money, just quick conversation between us and we will strategize together, and it’ll be good for you. Anyway, thank you very much for listening. Talk to you tomorrow. Tomorrow we have an awesome interview. So with a with a really cool company. Not going to give away the secret but stay here be here tomorrow quarter past noon. Have fun, take care and stay safe everybody.

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Free Download| the 7 myths of modern marketing

Discover the Common Lies and Misconceptions That Are Costing You Money