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New rules for a new era – let’s think about the future

Hello, everybody and welcome to today’s soliloquy from a very secluded soapbox, hey, ah, I am going to give you guys a warning today, I am not going to wear my serious. How do I make your business get better hat. We’ll do more of that tomorrow on the next day in the other but today I’m going to rant. Okay, everybody gets an opportunity every once in a while and today is going to be mine. I’m going to talk to you today about new rules for a new era. And I’m going to talk to my friends and colleagues in the blockchain industry and especially but in general, the entrepreneurs that tune in and listen, I hope you’ll enjoy this. I hope you’ll at least listen in and give me some feedback and you can tell you can shout at me if you want you get back capslock going in the comments.

That’s fine. I’ll take whatever you have to throw at me but I I really feel like we need this. I think we’ve got lots of time to think right now we’re on lockdown. We’re, we’re, we’re doing our very best to, to do as much as we can with the limited resources that we can. But we’re witnessing in real time, almost a complete dismantling of so much. Okay, I take the dogs out and everything’s closed except for, you know, supermarkets I mean, you know, you walk down the streets. I’m in Spain. You guys know that right now. And it is it’s sad. I mean, I’m lucky I’m in a beautiful place. I’m in a place that has amazing you know, has has amazing sunshine. It has amazing, an amazing beach. It’s It’s beautiful. It’s got great food. It’s got, you know, a really strong, I would say infrastructure for society. I honestly feel much safer here than I would back home in the States. And I’m really, I’m really suffering for you guys right now. And, and we’re ahead of you, we’re seeing the numbers grow, and they’re, they’re scary. Okay, but I can’t even imagine what they’re going to be in just a few days back home. But, you know, we’re seeing countries with really solid safety nets that are just struggling. And, you know, we’re seeing I mean, sure you there’s some example South Korea and Germany are proven that, you know, a strong, cohesive, well structured organized system actually works to the benefit of their society, right.

And then we’re seeing in other places where politicians and leaders are failing, and you know, hey, I am not here to defend by any stretch of the imagination, the leadership here in Spain because they’ve been many many mistakes made. But I can tell you firsthand that this lockdown is working there are I mean it The streets are empty people are collaborating, it’s being you know, and you know that there is a very strong public health system here that is it’s it’s suffering, it’s it’s on the verge, but it’s holding its head up, okay, it’s above water still, even though it’s, it feels like a scramble and it is a scramble because things weren’t prepared in life. But I think we need to take a step back and think about some of the bigger picture things here. We need to think about leadership, it really matters. And it’s sorely missing in so many places around the world right now. And, you know, we we can you know, this isn’t just about politics, it’s it’s about how do we make sure that This concept that we have called society, which we’re discovering daily is much more fragile than maybe we wanted to believe is is is not something you can just throw in the hands of just anybody.

Okay? We need leaders who, who are able to do what’s right, that are who are able to follow a moral compass that are able to rally the the spirits of the people behind what needs to be done. And things we’re seeing, you know, and I’m going to just I have a laundry list here of stuff to talk about, and it’s not especially well organized, so forgive me for that. But we’re seeing something I really been thinking about as well as centralization and decentralization. You guys know? I’m in the blockchain industry. blockchain is all about decentralization, and we’re seeing it happen in American society with Trump and Cuomo for example where the centralization of the federal government has fallen to pieces, it’s basically worthless. And the pieces are being taken up by decentralized states, the you know, and the governors are, are stepping up and doing what, you know, what has to be done.

And but we’re seeing also some of the downside of that we’re seeing that states are competing for they’re driving up the prices of vital supplies, because they’re competing between each other when you know, if there were a more organized way of tackling this problem, then that wouldn’t be the problem. But you know, my thoughts on this is this is going to it’s going to come, it’s going to be over, you know, it may take, it’s not going to be over a couple of weeks, and we all know that it’s going to take it may take months, but it is going to get over but things are not going to be the same You know, there is this is an inflection point, whether we want to think that way or not. And we really need to sit down and start thinking and realizing we need new rules for a new era. Okay, it could be very tempting right now to just run to our respective corners and, and grab our tribal flags and you know, you know, put on our magga hats or put on our, our, our blue hats, or our Red Hats or our green hats or whatever hat you’d like to wear. But the truth is that none of the hacks work there. It’s just not good enough.

Okay. You know, why don’t we reflect and say, we need new rules. We need to be thinking about ways not to paint a utopian society that’s never gonna happen. Okay, because we got to get from where we are to where we want to be. But man things are, they’re not gonna be the same. And, and, you know, this isn’t, even if we even if this, quote blows over in a couple weeks or a month or so there’s a very real chance that in a couple more months, we’re doing it all over again, because there’ll be a new wave, and virus, you know, a vaccine, a vaccine for this isn’t going to be here for another year or so. And even then it’s going to be hard to manufacture and get out to people. And you know, there’s so many uncertainties, so why don’t we really start thinking, not only about, you know, about solving the immediate day to day problems, which we have to do, because that’s survival. But what do we want our society to look like later, afterwards? Okay, and could we could we stop and think about some of the ideas in both corners? And could we start thinking about ideas that aren’t in any corners right now that nobody’s talking about, you know, entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs, we’re going to play a major role.

I really believe this not because our businesses necessarily are going to all survive because they’re not many are going to go under. But even the businesses that go under have entrepreneurs behind them that have skills that are essential, okay, the entrepreneurial mindset is good at problem solving. It’s good at managing and and marshaling resources to get to a goal, okay? And that is not going to be something that is going to be antiquated, that’s something we’re going to need very much regardless of whether your business thrives or goes on under. Okay, as an entrepreneur, you have to be thinking about the role. You’re going to play this afterwards, when this is when we’re picking up the pieces because we’re the ones that are going to pick up the pieces you know, It’s not going to happen from a centralized, top down manner. It always happens from the bottom up. And we should be thinking about new ideas. I really believe we should be considering Andrew Yang’s freedom dividend. You know, right now, we have so many people that are wondering, you know, Today is April 1, are our people going to pay rent? Maybe they’ll make it this month, but how are they going to pay it next month, the next and the next? And especially if this draws out? You know, we should be considering very seriously public health care. You know, let me tell you the story. Let me tell you the reality. I have as an American, I’ve lived many years in, obviously in the States, and I’ve lived also many years in Europe.

Okay, I’ve been on both sides of the of the of the ocean. I’ve seen both sides of the equation. And I can tell you firsthand that Americans don’t get it yet. Okay, this works. Okay, what is built in Europe works and it works on scales that are just as big as American scale. Okay, Europe is just as big as America. And when you just realize that healthcare is isn’t something, it isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Okay, we’re living it right now. Okay? We’re living right now the necessity of healthcare. And you can, you know, you can look at even in the places hardest hit like Italy in Spain, the public health system is struggling enormously, but it’s withstanding, okay. We have yet to see what’s going to happen in the States. Okay. But what’s going to happen with the people that don’t have any kind of health care? Where are they going to go? Okay, who, you know, how is that going to be taken care of, and I’ll tell you here in Spain, just because there’s public health care, doesn’t mean there’s not private health care. There’s both it works. It can they can live side by side perfectly well, I have both public health insurance and private health insurance. And I can go wherever I choose. I’m not limited. It isn’t something it isn’t an and or equation. Okay, it can both can live.

Okay. Both can work. And I’ll tell you right now, I’m we’re paying maybe 15% of what we paid for health care in the states just a couple of years ago, just a year and a half ago. Okay. for private health care. And we have the whole public health care system behind this as well. Okay, that’s the difference in cost. Okay, you really, Americans don’t understand. You’re being fleeced, you’re being robbed. It doesn’t have to be so expensive. And don’t buy into the idea of No, no, our health care system is the best in the world isn’t Okay, I’d seen both. It’s substantially worse. Okay. Pretty much any metric you want to use. It’s worse. Maybe there is some of the best medical research is being done in the States. Okay, that’s great. That’s perfect. But that isn’t your healthcare system, okay? And it isn’t dependent on it being a private service completely. Okay. So that’s my rant about from firsthand vision of what I see every day. But we have to realize now and I think we have to stop and think that society is not just a collection of individuals. Okay, I I will confess to you I drank the kool aid from Atlas Shrugged many years ago. I loved it. It was it’s a it’s an awesome book.

Okay. But I in Rams brand of libertarianism is a fantasy. Okay. It is a science fiction novel. Okay. It is not the truth. It doesn’t work. Okay. It get over it watching people, some of you out there it doesn’t work. Okay, because it doesn’t stand up to collecting challenges, okay. We You know, when people are falling dead left and right and coffin factories are struggling to keep up with demand for coffins to bury the dead. And that’s what we’re seeing right now here in Europe and get ready. You realize that society is more important than just me trying to get ahead, okay. And, and there’s room for both. It’s like healthcare was talking to you, you can have private enterprise, you can have capitals and you can have a reward the people that work the hardest without leaving behind everybody else. It’s not a zero sum game, it can be done. Okay. And, you know, I’m working and I’ve been focusing these all these five streams and all the content we’re putting out on coming out on top when this is over, because I believe in that I believe that entrepreneurs, it’s the time for us to be preparing together. come out on top and it’s not the time to hunker down and high.

Okay, it is the time to do everything you can to keep your business going so that it comes out because coming out on top as two parts, coming out means surviving it being on the other side, and also being on top and that means being strong. That means being effective and actually doing stuff. So, but that’s not just enough, we also have to focus on coming up together. Okay, we can’t do this by yourself. We need society to exist. Okay, you won’t sell your products if there’s nobody to buy them. Okay? If If, if this all comes falling down around our ears, then you’re, you know, you can run off and read iron Rand and talk about john Galt till you’re blue in the face, but it’s gonna be you’re gonna get as hungry as the next guy. Okay, regardless, and maybe you’ve got a clunker someplace and you can circle around And I’ve got a shotgun. Yeah, how long is that gonna last second to last two for three years. So you’re going to retire on it with that, you know, how long can these shells do you have? How long would you know? What are you going to do when when you know that all your canned goods are? We don’t want to get to that state.

Okay. So now I want to just talk a little bit here about to the blockchain industry because I really believe you know, you guys know in a shameless plug, here’s the vault. Okay. Hold on, you sit there. Yeah, there you go. The whole the crypto more than half my screen sir. Couldn’t see but sat down. I’ve been talking about this for months, about the need to change how we’re, how our industry is working. Okay. We have a technology that can open the door to new models. Okay. Not just new business models, but new societal models. We can do things With blockchain that have never been done before, okay, we have a technology that allows us to write new rules.

Okay? It doesn’t have to be like it was we, we we have this this exists it’s not a it’s not a pipe dream it’s not you know a theory it’s a reality. But we can’t can’t be staring at the price of a token price chart and trying to make a quick buck. Okay, that’s that that is that is selfish in itself. It doesn’t build the industry we need and it doesn’t make the changes that society needs. So it’s time for us to stand up on our on our abilities and actually start delivering on our promises. It’s time for us to start rolling out realities, new realities. Okay. We need a Facebook competitor that pays Everybody for putting out content. Maybe it’s the the new hard fork of steam it which is hyped up blog check it out. That’s cool. Maybe it’s something completely different. Okay? We need to be applying health blockchain to healthcare. You know why we need to be applying it to democracy? We’re going to have some elections coming up in November. How the heck are we going to do it? I mean, look, we, I don’t I don’t care if you love Joe Biden or not, okay, I don’t care. I don’t care if you love Donald Trump or not. our democracy is being threatened by a microbe.

Okay? Why aren’t we thinking about how we can be victorious over the microbe and come out the other side with something that is so much better? Okay. We have the ability, but we have to start doing it. And we have to ask ourselves, if we’re up to the challenge, and here’s what I can say. I’m a storyteller. I’m a marketer, I love what I do. We have resources, we have a skills that are sorely needed in this industry, and they are available to any serious blockchain project out there that right now wants to get in touch with me and say, hey, I want I can help make this better doing this or that or the other, and we will help you and we’ll help you. We’ll figure out a way. I mean, we might me and my team, we have to eat but we’re okay right now. Okay. Don’t let that be a problem. If you’ve got a solution, we want to be there to help you make sure it gets out there as best we can. Okay, but we have to ask ourselves, is this industry are we as entrepreneurs as crypto printers? That’s what the book is about the older crypto printers. Are we up to the challenge? And listen to me, we have to make sure the answer is yes, you must be up to the challenge. So that was my rant for today. I went on for 19 minutes. Thank you very much for listening in. I really appreciate it. I would love to hear what you have to say. If you want to have a conversation with me, leave me a comment, leave me a like, send me a direct message and email, whatever you want. Okay, we’re here for you. Stay strong, stay safe and talk to you tomorrow.

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