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Content Marketing that doesn't work should be banned.


Clear messaging, solid infrastructure and relentless commitment to making you proud.


We're proud to be able to offer our clients awesome websites at very reasonable costs.


We only take the projects we can reasonably handle at any given time (hence the waiting list).

Discover What Meaningful Content Marketing Can Do For You

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    Does your marketing just sit there consuming resources?Let's face it. Marketing is hard work, and for many founders it doesn't come easily. Our Meaningful Business Building System doesn't change this, but at least it eliminates the uncertainties that are likely holding you back.
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    Do you have content that just sits there and goes unnoticed?
    Most likely that's because you're not producing the right content for each phase of the content marketing cycle (growth, tribe building & super-fan cultivation). Get this wrong and all your effort can easily go down the tubes.
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    Do you feel like marketing is distracting you from more important tasks?
    Chances are you're right. Most founders are great at product development but struggle with their marketing. Thankfully, the Meaningful Marketing Method we use will set you free from worrying while cultivating a tribe of enthusiastic followers.

Let Me Guide You To Content Marketing Success

Hi! I'm Dennis Lewis, Founder & CEO of Green Light Digital, and creator of the Meaningful Marketing Method.

I hate to see entrepreneurs waste their hard earned dollars creating content that fails to produce tangible results.

My Meaningful Content Marketing System has produced real world business results for our customers all over the world. It doesn't matter if you're selling a cure for cancer or thin crust pizza - you need a content strategy that attracts quality leads and cultivates a tribe of true fans.

How We Work


Step 1: The Meaningful Messaging Review

Words matter. We are so convinced that the words you use en your marketing play such a critical role in your success, that we will not even consider working together until you've completed our premium $500 Meaningful Messaging Review.

Why do we charge a fee for the initial Meaningful Messaging Review? Because quite frankly, if you aren't ready to invest $500 in turning around your marketing, we'd rather wait and talk to you when you are.


Step 2: We'll have a Free Meaningful Business Strategy Session (value $995)

This in-depth session is designed to provide you with a clear roadmap of how we believe your business will be best served. We'll discuss the strategies and tactics we think are best suited for you and we'll explain why in clear, understandable English (or Spanish, if you prefer ;).

Warning: We don't pull punches and we'll tell you exactly what we think.


Step 3: Together we'll decide whether we're a good fit to work together.

Do you believe in chemistry? We do.

Sometimes awesome projects just don't click for us. Sometimes there isn't rapport with the entrepreneur. Sometimes we can't reach an economic agreement.

The best time to sort out these problems is before getting started.

That's why we'll have a frank talk and come to a mutual conclusion.

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