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CEO Interview – Let’s Talk About Coming Out of These Crazy Times on Top!

And then we could just talk about stuff. Awesome. Hello. Hello, everybody. Welcome to today’s live stream. And yes, I am really pleased because today it’s not just going to be me ranting. We’re going to have a really special guest with us today. His name is Stefano, colon. Maybe I pronounced that wrong, he can fix that later. He is the founder and CEO of a startup, which I think is really cool. It is a really interesting project called corporate CEO. And yeah, let’s, uh, let’s just come on live. And Hey, everybody. Welcome, Stefan. I’m pleased to have you on today. Thank you so much for having me. By the way, everybody, you really should give him applause and give some likes to this video. He is up at I don’t know some god awful hour of the night in the middle of, of Asia. He can tell us his story if he wants but yeah, he’s making a real to sacrifice to be here with us. So yeah, thanks a lot. I appreciate it. No worries is actually like not too late 40 would have been like way war since that is just like midnight and 17th. And so like, it could be worse.

Come on. Okay, all right. Well, it’s not three in the morning. All right. Yeah. And anyway, there’s nowhere to go anyway. Right? I mean, you can’t do anything other than sit in front of your computer. Right? I mean, that’s true. That’s true. I’m busy in, in Singapore. And today 4pm. The the Prime Minister has just announced that from next week, they’re going to like make things more similar, I would say to what is happening currently in, in US and in Europe. So we’re not fully locked down but it’s it’s kind of like a little bit of a lighter version of that, I would say so offices there. Closed except for obviously like energy supermarket like the the essential sectors and it is forbidden to go out in in groups like to socialize so you can still go out which is different from places like Italy for example where my families right now but yeah you can just like go to the supermarket or having a run to the park but still on your own completely alone and so yeah being in Spain right now so so I’m under lockdown just kind of like your family I’m in Spain so it’s a yeah I get to go out and take the dogs down to do it for a walk but that’s yeah the police are on the corners they’re they’re patrolling the streets and telling people to go home and yeah it’s it’s really crazy.

That’s That’s insane. Like I said like the the stats that I shouldn’t like Spain is unfortunately picking up on the on the number of death as well too. Yeah, so I don’t know, man, the situation seems like, I wish this could be like just the start of the end, and that everything is gonna get back to normal, but I’m not so sure but that To be honest, nobody really has the answers. But hey, the purpose of these live streams and what I really, you know, is is to talk about, you know, okay, everything’s crazy, but what’s the path forward? How do we as entrepreneurs, you know, how do we how do we prepare, how do we how do we get ourselves ready to come out of this on top and not you know, not just, it’s so easy to fall, fall into the temptation of you know, binge watching Netflix all day or something. And, you know, we’ve we’ve got, you know, it really I really believe it depends on us. I mean, we’re going to be the ones picking up the pieces. Yes, it’s I I fully agree with you.

I think that like the the steel deadline that If you’re an intrapreneur or if you’re like a self employed person, even like without the virus, somehow you have like that internal fight between like the freedom and obviously like having the option like doing kind of what you want if you don’t want to work a day and just like I didn’t know, going away or staying on home or stay in bed, you know, just like making friends, you can totally do that. But obvious like that thing will impact on the revenue that you’re going to generate and, and all of those things. So I think that like probably the theory of the entrepreneurs are the ones that are a little bit more used on the fact that like they do have now the chance of being at home. Yes, obviously, they might actually take a little bit more of a chance to like watch Netflix procrastinating and so on. But psychologically, I think that they know deep inside that money are still important on that, like the business needs to be around anyway. So that’s it. They definitely. And those of us who have teams that we have to, you know, we have to we’re worried about making payroll, we’re worried about so many things, but, you know, as entrepreneurs, that’s what we do anyway. I mean, you know, we’re, we’re good at wearing lots of hats and we’re, we understand stress, we understand. Change, you know, and it’s true that you know, we’re taking hits I mean, nobody can i don’t i don’t believe anybody who’s going to tell you, you know, hey, I’m, you know, unless you sell masks or or something like that.

You’re, you’re probably visors as well. Probably hand sanitizer. Yeah. Unless you’re selling those kinds of things. You’re probably not growing a lot. Tight, you know, but, but you know, even still, it’s you, I really believe you can’t we shouldn’t just be hunkering down. We’ve got to be, you know, I talked about this yesterday on the livestream. We’ve got to be thinking about you know, And really still pushing the bar with our businesses. I mean, you know, now is when we can be creating content now is when we can be, you know, building a reputation now is when we can, you know, we can, we can dedicate some time to maybe the things that we, we couldn’t dedicate before because we were too busy, you know, fulfilling services or products for clients. So, you know, it’s true. It’s very true. I think that right now we do have like few opportunities that were not as first and frontliner. As before I’m thinking like, for example, about the fact that the entire movement of like the the remote working or this march work or the digital nomad type of approach, which is basically like what now everybody is obliged to do in teams, like you must communicate online. My just giving you an example my dad is like 60 plus and so on. He runs a beer company. So obviously, as an Nothing to do with that. Two days ago, it calls me and he’s like, I have to do a meetings without her three people.

How do I do that? They were talking about like a 60 plus years old Italian that I’ve never basically I use tech in his life. And when I told him like, Well, why why don’t you just use WhatsApp if you already have like the phone numbers of those people? He blew itself. It was like, Oh, I didn’t know I could actually like do a group called sewn on WhatsApp. That’s That’s perfect. You know, even without like entering things like zoom or Skype. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Yeah. It’s like I think that what we’re going to see now is an enormous opportunity for like businesses. Obviously, if your radio online and majority of like your efforts and marketing and content creation and sales and product, per se, is the digital, you’re probably just going to push in that direction. Because you’re probably not going to be interested in offline content at the moment but If you’re like a traditional entity, a traditional business that now is obliged to like being closed down. I’m thinking about like, you know, malls or like shops and like the traditional like sectors in general. That’s probably like the best opportunities for those people to start, like, you know, learning about SEO, sem PPC, video creation, discovering like new media’s.

I’ll give you an example. We are in the business of creating companies. So we obviously deal with like with a specific sector, and in my free time, I like to stream on Twitch. Now the average of the viewers he’s obviously like 1516 years old, so it has nothing to do with that. But we’re doing by doing that is obviously learning tons of things like one thing in front of a camera token. creating content that in the case of twitch obviously is relating on playing games, so not focusing on the business, but you’re taking the learning experience that you’re putting into something that you’re now doing because you’re at home, and you don’t have any other option basically, that it’s something and then you can reuse for something else. Like who knows, maybe one day, in the coming weeks, we’re gonna think about like starting a YouTube channel to explain actually how corporate governance and jurisdictions and lows in different countries is actually set might be boring, yes or no, that depends. But it’s actually targeting our sector at that point. So I do see like that there are a lot of opportunities and there is going to be like a huge push from the offline community, in the offline sector, from all the people that were like, resistant and be like, against an agnostic in terms of like using tech, to now be oblige, of doing that. And I agree, that’s a lot of things.

And one of the things people don’t you know, I mean, Now you get into my territory because of things I love that you can take that same video that you’re going to do about, you know, opening a corporation in Malta, and that you know all of the details and the jurisdictional stuff and that and the requirements, and you do the video and then you do the news then you you submit it you get the transcript, you put the you turn that into a blog post, you turn those into social, you know, you take quotes from those and turn them into social media posts. And suddenly one video has created easily, two or three weeks worth of content, yeah, then you can use and reuse and and position and then you can take two or three videos and take those transcripts and put them into a book. And now you have a book and you’ve got Malta and you’ve got Wyoming and you’ve got you can Singapore and you can keep going with the ones that you do. I’m trying to remember from my head I know you’reclose to one. The other one sorry. seashell Panama and something centella grenadine Oh, cool. Okay, so those are so now we’re doing a little bit of a plug there, but that’s good. Well done, we’ll do it. We’ll do a more detailed plug towards the end. No worries with that. You know what I I think Stefano and also I was talking about this with somebody yesterday was, you know, as part of the sort of the blockchain industry and and since you’re, you’re definitely playing a role in that.

I feel like right now, you know, the rules have to change anyway. The rules just of society, you have to change, this is going to change rules. It’s going to change lots of things. It’s we’re not going back to what it was like three weeks ago. That’s not going to happen. So why don’t you know, as entrepreneurs in the blockchain space we have, we have skills and we have abilities that can really make those new rules better. If we just do it. You know, it’s time for us to step up and say, Hey, we’re here this this isn’t just a theory of something that could happen and you know, 10 years from now, we can make this work now, you know, it’s random man and I think it’s an opportunity I really do. It is I think the like a very close friend of mine like mentioned exactly this thing in the same way. And he was like, these here in this situation like 2020 blockchain as the option to show the ward why it’s got created. Like, let’s forget like the the value like the crypto side the trading thing since Yeah, exactly. Yeah, let’s get let’s change the focus. Yes. Because now we actually start seeing like, Take, for example, like all the shoes and what is happening now with the government’s on, what we’re seeing is that every government seems to Have a better solution than the others. like nobody’s actually like helping each other solve that kind of thing.

Like they could actually bring all the Prime Minister’s or presidents or whatever in one room and trying to like come up with a global maybe they could just give them Coronavirus while they’re in that room possible that that might actually happen. So that drives right the real effect on something like that. But think about like using like a decentralized ledger that at that point is not owned by any of those governments. We’re actually like you start communicating the patients and the people that are my actually being affect. The Prime Minister of Singapore today actually mentioned that they are having enormous issues, to reconnect the dots when they’re finding someone that is positive. It’s very, very difficult for them to understand which other people did that person got in contact with because we need to quarantine them, we need to test them. Now. If you Having something that is like distributing, not owned by anybody, and that obviously like is sending on rules that you can all use that for bad intentions that might actually have like a global impact that is actually very positive to find something like this. I agree. There’s so many things that were like blockchain now can actually like step into the room and prove to be like a very good and powerful resource for crisis and problems. Yes, I agree with leeches.

I mean, just think about it. I mean, we’re thinking about the the the $2 trillion, that the US government pulled out of thin air and is going to inject into the economy. And there really is no system in place to find to know whether or not that money really goes to where it was supposed to go. And there’s imagined If all of those expenditures were just registered on a blockchain, just so that everybody could could see, you know, I that’s I’m all for, you know, injecting liquidity into into the economy. I mean, otherwise, we’re all going to starve to death. I mean, it’s something that needed to be that has to be done. But hey, how do I know that? You know, that, that all that money isn’t just being hoarded by, you know, billionaires? I mean, you know, we don’t know, then we’re gonna have a hard time knowing and we could do that with a blockchain, we could say yes, every stimulus payment is going to be recorded on the blockchain. And from there, we’re gonna, you know, every citizen can actually look and find their transaction and see where the money has gone.

And, I mean, imagine what that would do for transparency for democracy. You know, it’s like the, the other part on like, one of the things Then I think is going to happen in, in the coming month and so on is you know, like how now everybody’s talking about like, let’s stop paying the bills, let’s stop paying the rent. And there is like a little bit of a like the situation where everybody’s trying to point the finger to another human being type of thing. And the problem with an approach like that is that economy in like in general, like welfare systems worksite in a way that you put in and you take out, so if you stop to pull in, I’m thinking for example, about a bank, a traditional bank, you have the money from your customers and you give them out to loans. But then the loans are being blocked. So the bank is not taking back the money need 30 interest, but the customers are still taking away money from that because obviously, they need to pay for the bills. For their expenses and so on. And one point more than one bank I assume is going to start having like liquidity issues on that and what is going to happen in the situation of like a bank start saying to their customers you know what guys as it happened in Greece A few years ago, during like the the Greece crisis and so on, like what if is going to start being like, you know, from now on, you take out only $50 a day, no more than that. What if action like you have bills that are like $200 to be paid at that point?

How do you do Sure. So blockchain again, yes, it’s true on the injection of capital in the economy, super important. Helicopter money that is like what us is now talking about, obviously, could be extremely simplified for blockchain. Yes, everybody would have a wallet that you just transfer them and that’s it. You don’t. It would just be the biggest airdrop in history. Yeah, pretty much and it will be convenient. Although we all Yeah, we know, because the government is doing that. That’s right. Yeah. They couldn’t even complain. They could just do it. Maybe that’s, that’s something we could take from this conversate we should say this should be the world’s biggest airdrop. One government peak that teapot and do that. Yeah. Well, you know, it’s funny, but Andrew Yang, I don’t know if he followed anything about American politics, but Andrew Yang was, was his whole campaign was about, you know, universal basic income anyway, because of the, you know, because of the trends towards automation and the trends towards and it was funny, because this all came about about two weeks after he dropped out of the race, and suddenly it’s the republicans talking about giving away money, right.

And, and, you know, why aren’t we having these conversations? Why aren’t we thinking now, in in what are the new rules, and you know, and that’s on a big scale, but it happens on a small scale. On a company wide scale to you have to think about, you know, you know, your company’s definitely you have to be thinking what is, you know, what do you need to be doing? what we what are your customers going to need when this is all over? Because, you know, hey, maybe, you know, maybe there’s going to be a big demand for new companies or maybe there’s not, and maybe you have to pivot to something else. So, you know, this is the time for us to be thinking about that, and putting ourselves in our customers shoes, and thinking, hmm, how can I anticipate what the new situation is going to be like, and prepare, so that whenever it actually comes about, I’m ready. I’m not, you know, we already got slapped by a unpredictable or a hard to predict virus. Maybe we should at least learn the lesson and start predicting now and thinking now about how we’re going to run our businesses in this new situation because it’s not likely to be over in a couple of weeks. This is gonna last a long time. You know, so, you know, these are kinds of questions that I think that are really important that we think about it sure. And even like obviously, I mean being in the startup field and so on.

And by knowing a lot of funders that are like now found raising or that we’re about to actually like, sign conjures on, you can imagine the like a month of like rounds that were like on, you know, the millions of size just became like hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, when you are like obviously, I don’t know how the people are going to relate to that. But like diverse startups that a lot with $100,000 might actually like keep going for like 10 years. But there are other startups that maybe are like working on specific type of businesses that my goal for a cash burn or even like one or two or Millions a month easily. So when they’re going like to have a farm raising of like, I don’t know, two millions, for example, and they’re thinking about like, okay, those monies are going to last me like 12 months. Because that’s pretty much their cash flow and their cash burn and operation, none of that. And from one day to another days, sounds like Oh, you know what, your two millions are now like $100,000. It means the law, your 12 month are just gone down to one month, pretty much or even less than, and now at the same equity, right? Oh, yeah, obviously, obviously. And the big problem is that I have a very close friend and now because of this situation, very similar to these would always like different amounts and so on.

He’s not late to pay his own rent, because the startup is out of cash. Because the round didn’t go through because I investor service Like not depositing the money in the bank, he can pay the salaries obviously, by being the founder. That’s another problem being an entrepreneur, you’re the first one that lose the income. Every single employee. Will you’re the first one who doesn’t pay the rent. That’s right. Yes. And so obviously like that’s, that’s a little bit complicated. I’m What do you tell in those situations. So by actually doing a lot of like conversation and things that now I got to the point to like, at least for the startups, what I think is going to be like the new normal is going to be like focusing on creating more of cash cows and SMEs type of companies, then startups that are going to go and burn through insane amounts of cash by not generating any positive revenue whatsoever. And that means that we’re going to start seeing instead of having teams of like 50 6080 people in the company, we’re probably going to start seeing like teams that are going to be way, way smaller. We’re going to start seeing like the Very, very small entities down by maybe like 1234 individuals that are going to start creating like ecosystems because it’s going to be easier to make those companies surviving, obviously.

And we’re going to start like creating very large ecosystems where like there is going to be a company specializing in design a company specializing a marketing company specializing in coding. And an entity that is basically like doing the idea with just like plug and play and all this like small entities, and basically having them on routine as like contractor more than employees at that point. And so that’s kind of like a new model that I’m seeing that that is going to like be evolved. A lot of people that talked about this in the past that that thing was going to happen. It should have been like, there was this article that I read, like I think a year ago that saved the lie, the Gen Z is going to be defined by actually be the generation where every single Gen Z person will own five companies, which if I’m thinking about that I’m the generation above. So the millennial and in my generation is a miracle already saying that you own one company. So, you know, they say the like, the new generation is going to go for that direction. I think that what these bars is doing that would be that would be great for you stuff in the way that we’re getting five companies, your set your job so much that that projection is gonna be correct, because like, I’m gonna be absolutely fine if that is the case. But I think that like, what we’re seeing is that the virus is actually like speeding up on a situation like that, where not only that new generation is going to go for that approach. But your generation, my generation, more and more people are going to start looking at things like wait a second, I’m at home.

My salary just got out of 50 bucks. Sent. And it’s not because of my bad performance is not because the company was doing no great is because a virus came out from nowhere. And my salary got slashed 50% from one day to another. And, you know, the first 30 days you might be, Okay, fair enough, I can handle these. Let’s say that this thing is going to last for like, five months, six months alpha year, just like, hypothetically speaking obviously, sure. People at that point, especially when you have like a majority of the first word population, the leaves like on a paycheck per paycheck, they’re gonna have like, serious issues at that point. So what what I think is going to happen is that more and more people are going to like start realizing that I mean, like a side gig, that as like a side income is actually going to be very important at that point. So I think that we’re going to start seeing like a boom of things like, you know, heart these coming up. service providers, people that are basically going to use, like, their passions, their hobbies, their like their, their real skills, the things that like they really know, to try to monetize those, why, obviously, they’re still going to have their full time job. But I think that this situation is going to teach a lot of people that is important to, you know, the classic now put all your eggs in the same basket. And and this is pretty much going to be the same thing, I guess.

Yeah, I think a lot of people are going to learn the lesson that that steady paycheck is not as safe and secure, as, you know, as you thought it was. And that’s something as entrepreneurs we already know. I mean, that’s something that we, we’ve kind of we’ve known that for a long time. But most people haven’t learned that, that you know, they were just, you know, they were just, they get a job and they just count on their boss to pay them until something like you know, society falls apart like it is right now and they say oh, man I need to have, you know, I need to have a way of providing for my family. Yeah, that depends more on my abilities than on the abilities of my boss. Yeah. And you know, even though as, as an entrepreneur has to pay team members, you know, we suffer as well for them because, you know, nobody, nobody right now who wants it wants to get rid of their team team members? Mm hmm. You know, entrepreneurs are letting people go because they don’t have a choice. It’s not because they’re, they’re sitting on backlit buckets of money and they’re saying, I’m rich and now you’re going to be poor? No, of course not. Because it but you know, if you don’t have the resources, you can’t, you know, there’s no there’s no and there’s no clients to serve, then you know, it’s you. There’s only so much you can do. Yeah, then. So Stefano, tell us a bit about corporate do tell us what you do. Tell us a now’s your time to shine, tell us this, this cool thing that you do. So what we do is We create companies in the jurisdictions pension so say shell Panama semi center Laguna de and Wyoming in US Singapore and soon no yeah bassoon Malta as well.

I thought Malta was there it’s not it’s a you’ve been saying soon for a long time and now I know and they got the Civil War the god the virus they change the government like Malta 2020 I’m very sorry for what happened over there like they’re they’re not having a good year so far. I’m sure that they’re going to lie got back stronger than anything but the q1 of 2020 for that country is being absolutely crazy. They got this scandal where like the guy associate one of the minister basically like us to assassinate the journalist then anyone fruit that’s why there was like the revolt from from the people. So the situation was was a little bit crazy on that. But anyway, basically what we do is that we create these companies and these companies are normal companies with the particular aspects that they’re completely managed by smart contracts on the blockchain. And what does this mean? It means basically that traditional corporate governance operation such as board meeting shareholders resolution, transfer of shares, issue dividends, cap table management, you name it, basically, like all the things relating to the corporate governance are managed by the smart contracts. This means that a business owner as well as like the stakeholders of the company, can execute operations on their companies without having to rely on a lawyer or a notary an incorporation Agent the corporate secretary and so on, therefore saving time because they can do that whenever they want.

And most important in majority of the cases saving money because giving an example normally when you transferring some shares between like me and you, for example, that in majority of the countries that we’re serving will post between two and 400 USD dollars on on a simple transfer we’re using by using blockchain technology you are seeing that price going down to the guest coast, which is probably like 15 cents 20 cents deep and crazy to gases. So that there is kind of like a lot of saving and in terms of time you’re looking at instead of waiting for like two weeks for something like that, on again depends on the blockchain but on average of like 45 seconds, pretty much to do that. So How to completely compliant if your solution is completely compliant and all those in all those jurisdictions, it’s Yeah. So you know, there’s, it’s really on the cutting edge. I mean, I think it’s, I think as an entrepreneur as a person is run startups. And I think what you do solves so many problems. Thank you. And it’s just, it’s just a question of people finding out about it and learning that, basically, for the same amount of money that you’re going to spend to set up your company the old fashioned way, you’re going to set it up as an amazingly innovative new entity on the blockchain. But with all the privileges of being just a normal company, it’s not like there’s anything different. It’s not like, I mean, I guess you could even set up a company with your account with corporate do and then just go your own way and do your own thing if you wanted to. Right.

Yeah, absolutely. We do. have like, one client actually did that that was just like, just gonna, like set up a company and buy guys. And we were like, yeah, sure not a problem for us. It’s not common obviously, normally they would come for the entire package. And what we’re seeing now is like actually more and more complicated structures that will come in. We’re actually like the the benefit of the technologies is coming in place very well. So like, you know, companies that would have like, Cheryl, they’re spread around like six or seven different countries or companies that are honed by other like three or four different entities that have like, in total, like 50 differential, there’s some beneficial owners. So things that like traditionally a lawyer will be like, wait a second guys pay me like at least $10,000 for this thing, because otherwise we’re not going anywhere. Obviously, we’re starting having like a lot of those type of requests now. But in general like d i think that we got lucky out of everything right now because we we always trying to like explain to everybody that we wanted to be like paperless and completely like digital from day one like we want to completely break with the traditional board they’ll be having to like you know, going on a cab going through the incorporation office signing documents, fulfilling things signing with ink and all of those things.

And so we always trying to like market for like digital nomads and like those type of people that might have some issues on on being in a physical place for for for many times. So now that actually people cannot leave their house. This is a perfect way to get your new business set up today. In any of those jurisdictions and be at a simple little business or be at a complex entity and man, you can do it right now and be up and running now. Really fast. I mean, it does. I mean depends, I guess a little bit on each jurisdiction has its own. Yeah, timing because of the there is a there you know, there is a governmental process as well. Yeah, registering and all of that. I would guess probably Wyoming is almost instantaneous and, you know, someplace like Panama probably takes a little longer, right. Yeah, it’s actually pretty accurate. I would say that the longest one if, if you consider like the the start when will probably be like Singapore, because there are like quite a lot of things involved. The fact that for example, you need the local director, which in places like Panama, where you all may say shell and so on, it’s obviously not required. So there is like a little bit more back and forth to do like with more parties involved. But yeah, we only for example is like, really that couple of hours.

And he’s done. It’s really like just the logging and nothing else. But um, yeah, it is actually like indeed a very interesting thing we we publish, like every month like a recap, but we’re trying to be like a very transparent company in general. And so every month, we publish a recap on what happened like in the best 30 days and so on. And what I actually ended up writing for for March was exactly that. The community is more right now is saving us from the crisis and so on. Because it’s very true. We are not a big company. Therefore, we don’t have a marketing budget that allows us to like go against companies that have raised like, 5 million 10,000,007 millions and so on, or neither we companies that are raised like one or two millions, and they’re targeting only one jurisdiction, that there is no option for us to ask. When the bottle it’s simply impossible, they’re more money they’re always going to win and sound on that. But what we’re seeing is that obviously we’re growing step by step little by little. And now what we’re seeing is that like we’re having a boom in referrals from from existing clients, because one, I like to believe that we’re doing a good job. So they like the experience of Lee. But to is also the fact that like in the situation where they are now and they know the like, obviously every time they have a problem, we’re there for them and so on and so on. Now, they start having more people around them asking for how do I set up a company, where can I do this? How did you do yours, that and so on.

And so these clients are like to stay or go to corporate sale. And and that’s literally at this time is the thing that is completely saving us from the virus. Cuz in terms of like PPC and like lead generation and so on, we got a minus 35% in the past 30 days. Hmm, not a lot. We probably should have a conversation about that as well. It’s very enough. Yeah. You know, there’s there’s other things to be done. But with that in mind, if anybody out there is really looking to set up a company and to, you know, to get to put yourself on the edge and to have more than just a piece of paper that says you’re a legitimate company, but to actually have a suite of tools that allows you to manage the, the part that the back end part of running a company, I definitely would recommend anybody to get in touch with Stefano and to check out corporate it. Okay, yeah, that’s I appreciate you being on. Anyway, I think we’ve done good we’re about 37 minutes. I think that’s enough. You’re probably ready to go to bed. Ah, that’s almost one. Yeah, I think that’s pretty much a good time actually. So, thanks a lot for being on I enjoyed the conversation. We’ll do it again. Yeah, take care and we’ll thank everybody for listening in and leave comments and likes on the on the video and LinkedIn and yeah, we’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye for now much. Have a good one. You too. Bye bye.

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