Great Marketing Is A Sacred Duty You Owe Your Market.

If what you do helps others in a meaningful way, how could you not do your best to serve as many as you possibly can?


You must first hear the pain your audience is feeling.


Then bring to bear every ounce of skill, training and experience.


Get it done. Never let doubt stop you from taking action.

We Believe In Meaningful Marketing

Marketing has been hijacked.

Why? Because far too many of the accepted “truths” about modern marketing are built on a foundation that simply doesn’t apply to most businesses in the real world.

Without a doubt and given enough time, resources and effort, big-brand concepts like “data-driven marketing” and “social influencing” can produce results. Unfortunately, for the great majority of businesses this is like balancing your checkbook with macroeconomics. Sure, market trends and geopolitical strategies affect your business.

But when it comes to making payroll, the only thing that matters is what’s in your bank account.
Why not try a better way?

Meaningful Marketing is based on the unquestionable fact that your customers are individual human beings not faceless data points in a multi-dimensional database.

With Meaningful Marketing you can:

1. Stop struggling to build an immense social following

2. Stop slaving away creating post after post after post

3. Stop serving the agenda of the big platforms at the expense of your bottom line

4. Stop striving to master every new tool, system or methodology

5. Stop straining at tasks that you know aren’t working

The Green Light Digital Way

We are storytellers. Damn fine storytellers.
Stories that get your blood racing.
Stories that bring tears to your eyes.
Stories that conjure the sparkle of a new love on a warm summer day.

And most importantly, stories that move your audience to take action.
You see, as marketers we sincerely believe that failing to tell your story deprives the world of the good that your product or service provides. Great marketing is a sacred duty you owe your market.
But we will not tell just any old story.

We tell the stories of entrepreneurs who cannot rest until they’ve changed the world.
We tell the stories of organizations that refuse to allow reality get in their way.
And we tell the stories of Davids who proudly plant their feet in front of greedy corporate Goliaths.

So, do you have a story to tell? Do you have an “uncompromising why” that propels you forward? Are you a passionate, fun, caring, person who isn’t afraid to take a stand?

If so, this is your place. You are welcome here.
If not, why don’t you just go hire a marketing agency?