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🤔 Thrive launches Kwik, the “fastest” theme for Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive has officially launched Kwik, the latest theme for Thrive Theme Builder. And they've done so while also pushing a very strong marketing campaign around it claiming to be the fastest theme yet. But... is that true? You can watch the video to find out.

But, in short, no, it really isn't the fastest theme out of all of the three themes that we have available today. In fact, there are no technical differences between Shapeshift, Ommi and Kwik. They all make use of Thrive's project light speed optimization features, but that's about it. So... what's the hype all about? More below 👇

❓How is Kwik any different than Ommi or Shapeshift?

From a technical standpoint, like we said, there is no difference. 

What really makes Kwik fasther than Ommi or Shapeshift are the templates that it comes with.

Here's the thing, these templates are very simple. One could even argue that they are very boring. 

And, don't take us wrong, they're not ugly but there's also nothing special to them. 

And, this is exactly what makes Kwik so special. It's so boring that it's lightning fast. All of these templates make use of 0 decorations, 0 animations and no especial effects that could potentially slow down your site.

Hence why they're so fast. Hence why they're so boring.

Is it worth sacrificing on design just to get a better google core web vitals score?

Let's discuss.

🧐 Is it worth switching over from Ommi or Shapeshift to Kwik?

No. It's not worth making the switch. And there are quite a few reasons behind our response.

Here's the thing, you don't need to make use of these templates to get a decent google core web vitals score. 

Here to your right you have the google core web vitals score for the latest website that we've built: thrivethemes.es

It has been built 100% with Thrive Architect and using Ommi on top of Thrive Theme Builder.

As you can see, a good google core web vitals score is possible without using Kwik's templates.

Just make sure you're on a good hosting provider, optimizing and minifying scripts through a good caching provider and optimizing images with Shortpixel.

🤷🏾‍♀️ Who should be installing and using Kwik?

Kwik can still be useful. It won't be our number one go-to theme with Thrive Theme Builder because we love building things from scratch using custom made designs. However, there are still some scenarios in which Kwik can come in handy. 

  • If you have absolutely no understanding of web design and development and you don't care about aesthetics that much, Kwik can be useful to you.
  • If you don't know much about web optimization, caching, hosting and image optimization, then Kwik alongside thrive's one click project lightspeed functionality can come in handy.
  • If you simply need a simple landing page that converts.

🙅🏻‍♂️ Who shouldn't be installing and using Kwik

Well, like we said earlier, there isn't any real difference between Kwik and Ommi or Shapeshift. In order to get Thrive Theme Builder running properly, you need to pick one theme. And well, it's all going to come down to whichever templates you like better. 

Unfortunately, Thrive, to this day, still doesn't allow us to use blocks from different themes disregarding which theme we have installed. So make sure you explore the templates in good detail prior to picking one.

If we had to really recommend someone not to use Kwik it would be to people who simply don't like the templates that it comes with!

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Free Download| the 7 myths of modern marketing

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